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Month: April 2022

Where to Spot a Lion | Africa

Lions are Africa’s top predators, preying on massive animals like zebras, buffalos, giraffes, hippopotamuses, and even baby elephants. It’s always exciting to witness lionesses on the prowl, with their entourage..

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A Honeymoon Safari in Africa

African honeymoon locations are as varied as the continent itself, and they may be enjoyed independently or together. Africa has magnificent hotels in breathtaking settings, discreet service, and outstanding food,..

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Big Five Safaris Africa

The lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and buffalo are Africa’s Big Five. Because they were the most difficult beasts to hunt on foot, big game hunters coined the term “Big Five.”..

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Why Consider a Group Joining Safari?

Safaris that allow you to join a group are a fantastic way to save money. The group splits the costs of petrol, guides, and other expenditures while also sharing the..

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Things to do in Uganda | Best of Uganda

Uganda dubbed the “Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill (and rightfully so), is a magnificent and unique nation with lush, green scenery and even more gorgeous, kind people! It also..

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