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Safaris that allow you to join a group are a fantastic way to save money. The group splits the costs of petrol, guides, and other expenditures while also sharing the adventure with new friends. After all, the wild creatures can’t be bothered with your expedition.

Whether you’re on a private tour or a group tour, the animals will do what they do best: cheetahs will sprint, hyenas will chase after zebras and wildebeests, lions will prey on their stalked prey, giraffes will browse the trees, chimps will swing between tree branches, and Nile crocodiles will attack hooves without hesitation!

Reasons to Consider a Group joining


Because it is less expensive, budget tourists choose to join a group. A safari vacation in Africa may be quite expensive, and although some people can easily afford it, others must stick to a strict budget to make it happen. As a result, folks on a tight budget prefer to travel in a group since it allows them to divide the expense of basics such as petrol, food, and lodging while on the road.

Feel more at ease

Traveling in a group might make you feel more comfortable, especially when you’re out in the wilderness. Knowing that someone is watching out for you helps to set your mind at ease.

Travel Companionship

Traveling alone might be monotonous for some individuals, however, joining a group can provide you with fantastic company while on the road. You will get the opportunity to connect with people from all ethnic backgrounds while enjoying a unifying safari experience. After a hard day in the African wilderness, you may be thankful for the company as you clink bottles and toast to experiences, and swap stories over a campfire.

Less Preparation

A safari vacation may be time-consuming to plan. You must develop a precise plan of everything you wish to do, including sites to visit, game drives, and lodging. Group membership, on the other hand, requires less planning and even allows you to take advantage of pooled pricing.


On a group safari, you may have to compromise on everything. You might have to decide who gets the window seats on game drives, which of the tent beds to take, or even where to go for a toilet break. A safari vacation should be spent relaxing and appreciating everything that nature has to offer in the wild, and constantly making sacrifices may detract from the experience.

Less Flexibility

A group safari vacation is often less flexible because itineraries must appeal to different persons and interests. For example, you may prefer to spend more time observing the rhinos, while another member of your company is more interested in seeing some uncommon wildlife. To minimize misunderstanding and potential conflict, itineraries must be strict so that everyone understands what to expect at all times. This might hurt your experience.


Many group trips have a minimum number of participants, and if that number is not met, the trip may be canceled or postponed. This might be aggravating, especially if you were looking forward to the activity.