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African honeymoon locations are as varied as the continent itself, and they may be enjoyed independently or together. Africa has magnificent hotels in breathtaking settings, discreet service, and outstanding food, complete seclusion and exclusivity, and world-class travel logistics. Candlelit dinners on a tropical beach, starry nights in the forest, or simply lounging in your private pool.

Take a morning ride along the Chobe River to witness the elephant shower.

The enormous elephant herds that occupy Botswana’s Chobe National Park are widely recognized. Their daily routine consists of a morning shower in the river, followed by a journey to the river’s bank to gorge themselves on the luscious river grass that grows abundantly there.

Why not kick off your romance with a romantic morning ride along the Chobe River? Bring your camera and take pictures of the elephants…and the hippos…and the crocodiles…while you sip your morning coffee or tea. The Chobe National Park is a haven for kingfishers, waders, and other unusual water birds.

If you don’t enjoy mornings, a romantic sunset sail with a bottle of wine and some delectable canapés is always a good option.

Witness the Serengeti’s Great Migration.

The Serengeti Under Canvas camp travels across the park all year, bringing visitors as near to the Great Migration as possible. Seeing over 1.5 million wildebeest and zebra move in sync is a mind-boggling and emotional event. This beautiful camp may help you reconnect with nature by taking you down to basics (in lavish style though, we promise). Each Bedouin-style tent has magnificent décor and rich Persian rugs, as well as clear views of the stars.

Close Encounters with Africa’s Penguins

Why not go on a safari and share your feelings with another species that mates for life? We’re talking about penguins, of course! Our visitors are often surprised to find that penguins may be found in Africa, as they are usually associated with northern species. Cape Penguins, on the other hand, thrive in two colonies near Cape Town, South Africa. We are thankful that these bright and energetic animals developed colonies in the 1980s since their presence brings joy to so many of our guests.

If you wish to see these Cape Penguins while seeing Cape Town, you may do so from the well-built wooden paths at Stony Point. A trip to Boulders Beach, where you may swim alongside and observe Africa’s penguins, is a better way to spend your time.

Take a private midnight game drive to see the animals come to life, and keep your eyes out for the elusive leopard.

Visitors to Kenya’s conservancy areas may see wildlife after dark, which is a great way to observe some of the more elusive species that prefer to hide during the day.

Can you imagine yourself and your spouse going on a wildlife drive in a safari vehicle in the dark with your own Maasai driver? After a relaxing day in the sun, watch the animals come to life. Returning to a campfire with a cool glass of wine or a cocktail? A Caribbean cruise, on the other hand, is boring and uninspiring.

Take a hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara to view the wildlife from above.

You and your loved one will enjoy a bird’s eye view of the African wilderness as you and your loved one soar gently and quietly over the African wilderness at daybreak in a hot air balloon.

After a cup of coffee in the morning, you’ll board a gorgeous, colorful balloon before dawn to glide over the amber-hued Great Rift Valley and the animal parade below. Bring your camera—your honeymoon photos will wow your friends back home.

Spa Treatment

Relax with a couple’s massage in nature’s haven while watching antelope and zebra pass by the open spa terrace. Your romantic honeymoon safari will be both a wild experience and a stress-relieving retreat, with a variety of therapies combining nature’s healing essence and quiet surroundings.

A private walking safari

Your skilled safari guide will lead you and your spouse into the African bush to experience what it’s like to walk in the footsteps of the creatures you’ve come to see. A walking safari may include sightings of giraffes, zebra, elephants in distant bands, and other wildlife. Standing in an elephant’s footprint is awe-inspiring. Running your hands through the savannah grasses or gazing off into the beautiful blue horizon are equally pleasurable sensations.

It’s amazing how different the safari experience is when you tour the area on foot rather than in a safari vehicle. Walking safaris are a fantastic way to spice up your experience