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Tsavo West & East National Parks

Tsavo East and Tsavo west national park form the bigger game reserve sanctuary in Kenya with a total occupying 21,000 square kilometers. The park comprises of open savannah grass land and water source that makes Tsavo one of the best safari destination for wildlife viewing.

Tsavo West National Park
Tsavo West National Park is more famously as a safari destination and is due to magnificent scenery rich in wildlife species, good road systems, reserve for Rhinos, rock climbing potential, Mzima spring and rewarding guided walks along the Tsavo River.

Tsavo west national park is absolutely rich in bio diversity which can be spotted in savannah ecosystem comprised of Acacia woodland, open savannah, scrubland, belts of riverine vegetation and rocky ridges like the poacher’s look out where guests can sightsee the teeming herds in the open plains below. Some of wildlife species to be spotted in the park include Cape buffaloes, Eastern black rhinoceros, hippopotamus, elephants, leopards, lions plus other smaller animals like bush baby, lesser kudu, hartebeest and Masaya giraffe and variety of bird life can be seen in here.

Tsavo East National Park

The sight of dust-red elephant wallowing, rolling and spraying each other with the midnight blue waters of palm-shaded Galana River is one of the most evocative images in Africa. This, along with the 300 kilomtere long Yatta Plateau, the longest lava flow in the world, make for an adventure unlike any other in the Tsavo East. The park forms the largest protected area in Kenya and is home to most of the larger mammals, vast herds of dust –red elephant, Rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard, pods of hippo, crocodile, waterbucks, lesser Kudu, gerenuk and the prolific bird life features 500 recorded species.

When to visit Tsavo

Tsavo park is visited all year around but the best time for game viewing is during dry seasons which starts from December to Mid- March and June to October when the park is dry. Birding is best enjoyed in wet season when the migratory birds have arrived in the park which starts from April to June and October to November.

Tsavo East

Visitors to Tsavo East can expect a hot, dry climate. The average temperature fluctuates between 31°C/88°F during the day and 20°C/68°F at nighttime. Rainfall peaks in April and November during the long and short rains, respectively. Rain tends to fall as short heavy showers.

Tsavo West

Tsavo West NP has a climate characterized by hot and dry conditions. During the day, expect temperatures around 29°C/84°F, while 18°C/64°F is typical at night. Cool mornings mean warm clothing is a good idea for early game drives. Rainfall peaks in April and November.

Tsavo East National Park

  • Game drive viewing: The park offers amazing view of different wildlife species which can be done in early morning when the sun has just risen out, evening game drives ,night game drive and full day game drives .On your morning game drive you can be able to view variety of species such as elephants ,waterbucks ,impala ,spotted hyenas ,buffaloes ,baboons ,warthogs ,giraffes ,marsh mongoose many more .During night game drive you can be able to see nocturnal  animals like bush baby ,predators like leopards ,lions falling on the backs of small species.
  • Cultural dances: The park is surrounded with Masai people who offer unique traditional culture. This is one of the unique culture in the world and what makes them to be unique their dressing code, traditional dance is interesting as they dance jumping up and down which is so rewarding to the tourists.
  • Bird watching: Home to over 500 bird species which can be spotted around the savannah grass land, swampy area and such species include Somali bunting, Slender-tailed nightjar, Taita falcon, Taita fiscal, Rufous chatterer, pangani long claw, Northern brownbul, Fischer’s starling, African finfoot, Vulturine Guinea fowl, Somali Ostrich, Somali bee-eater, Red-bellied parrot, Martial eagle, Black faced sandgrouse among others.

Tsavo west national park 

  • Game drive – which is done in open savannah grass land and can be enjoyed in 4×4 wheel vehicle open proof for you to be able to spot variety of wildlife species in the park such animals to be spotted include; elephants, buffaloes, black rhinoceros, hippos, lions, leopards, lesser kudu masai giraffes among others.
  • Birding /nature walk -Tsavo has got thrilling routes where you can carry out your nature walk experience from and have a great sightseeing of variety of bird species such as flamingos, the nature around, have closer viewing of animals like elephants and others.
  • Visiting local villages – It is absolutely amazing to encounter the traditional huts of the Masai people, their unique dressing code which is quite rewarding.
  • Visits to Rhino Sanctuary  – Visit Tsavo west national park and participate in the Rhino tracking experience once in life time.
  • Cultural dances – The masai culture dance is quite rewarding has you can enjoy their unique dance as they jump up and down, storytelling.